Unsolicited feedback

This is a small selection the feedback I have over the years - In fact it's all I have gathered.

I have not thought of soliciting it or collecting it until recently. The majority is lost in the mists of time to old email addresses and word of mouth exchanges. 

In the digital age, I now appreciate it would have been useful to keep a record of them, but so be it.

I've removed names to keep things confidential.
All the years I've look through many many videos attempting to describe the Buddhist teachings in a more practical and easily digestible manner. This interview did it!

I've had to rewatch this several times just to make sure I heard it correctly because it seemed obvious and easy. Lol
Thank you, both of you, this was amazing!
One of the absolute best videos I've seen on this topic. He really explains it well. This is one of those videos that "found me well...".
Love this interview! I’m in a meditation course and this was awesome! Beautiful!
This was a deeply touching beautiful experience to watch

I really wanted to thank you for last night, your teachings are incredible, your methods and wisdom are truly invaluable.

I want you to know that your support and wise words of advice whilst we ate an Indian takeaway by the river, had a profoundly positive effect on me.

Thanks man I’m gonna make every effort to come along to your teachings in the future.
This is my top favourite podcast out of all the shows I've seen so far. Because it resonates so deeply for me. I have been practicing meditation for 25 years and Kundalini Yoga for 3 years. The descriptions and words of Mahesi Caplan resonate so much with me. 
Love Mahesi Caplan, we need a teacher like him on youtube!!!! Thanks both for this beautiful interview!
Dear Mahesi

Although very belatedly, I am writing on behalf of our Totnes Quakers' Mysticism Group to thank you so very warmly for your generous, hugely enriching and inspiring presentation to us not long ago.

This is a difficult time for us all, and we'd like to offer you love, peace and every blessing on your personal journey, as well as that of supporting so many others in connecting with that which leads to the only 'place' of ultimate safety and wellbeing.
What a fantastic interview! Going to watch it again!
The experiences you’re describing that are created through the “boxed in” process the monks practice I relate to by how I have chosen to respond to life situations thy squeezed me so greatly I was shifted into the expansion you’re describing. 

Until today listening to you here, I did not realize the direct connection and yet it was familiar from past incantations. Yes!!!!

 The “void” os not black. Thank you for sharing all of this. I’ve been wanting to share my experiences that are in total alignment with what you’re sharing here and your eloquent clarification here is most helpful. 

I’ve most Buddhist at heart but always pulled the Universal truths from teachings among spiritual beliefs from around the world and throughout history. My goal is to help unify them for people to more easily make their own connections and awaken their cosmic memories. Take this long comment as my inspiration and gratitude for your presence her as an honoured guest and thank you to our incredible host.
“Hi Mahesi

This morning I have looked at the retreatant feedback forms and thought I ought to pass some on to you.

I also I spent a lot of time with retreatants last week – walking around the moors and coast – and heard some excellent comments. 

They particularly liked your clear explanations about – and perhaps permission around – looking after ourselves as a necessary precursor to looking after others.”
There isn't even a single word you said that I would disagree. Amazing! Love it.
I really appreciated hearing about your process, and I have never heard of your Buddhist lineage yet I found that your teaching seemed so familiar and resonated with deep truth for me .
Wow Mahesi your words have so much wisdom to be explored, absorbed and experienced as truths than superficial concepts. For a meditator this is very profound and deep. I loved the point that you made that when we feel the body we are actually not experiencing the body but the sensation of it, not the ribcage or liver but the sensation of it, the fact that the body is inside the mind and not the other way around..such profound truths..
“X tells me you had a lot of unsolicited very positive feedback after your teaching last week.

People said you answered fully and clearly, and really engaged and connected with them. Thanks for that. Of particular interest was the answer around sexual energy!”
I watched your interview with Jeff and was immensely fascinated by your talent of explaining such complex subjects… Thank you very much!!
“Comments on the forms were positive, inc

Mahesi’s insights were deep and yet he was also modern in some superficial ways, which taught me it is possible to live in modern life in this way” (ie a Buddhist approach without a monastic lifestyle.”
“Hi Mahesi. I wanted to say thank you for your teaching at the Barn on Thursday.

There was a freshness and depth to my experience during your guided meditation that I had not yet encountered. I am implementing your guidance in my practice and if you have any recordings of the guided meditation or similar to assist me I would be most grateful. Warm regards. X”.
Heard your podcast with Jeff Mara. It’s fantastic
“I liked Mahesi because his answers/comments were structured and to the point, and also he opened up the questions by exploring their implications.”
“His chanting was enchanting!”

 ‘I liked Mahesi’s groundedness, wisdom and directness.’

‘I liked all the teachers v much and would have liked more time with Mahesi as he was particularly wise and interesting’
“And some feedback on your teaching from last week:

“I found Mahesi very thoughtful and precise. “
“This is one of the most incredible understandings I have come across. I would love to hear more.”
I LOVE that ex-monk interview/video. I have to watch it again. And maybe even again. I took notes, got distracted towards the end, but understood the main points, even paused and "rewinded" at certain points just to be sure I was understanding what he was trying to express. Which is no easy feat!!!! But he did a great job. It is truly one of those videos you really need to listen to every word and write stuff down because it makes SO much sense what he is saying."
Your teaching last night down really well. Good fascinating stuff.

Mahesi was inspirational and I could really ‘feel’ he was once a monk”

It was fantastic hearing his teachings first hand.
Thanks for all your time and wise teachings this week. You are truly an inspiration ad I will always remember this week as being special.
For me personally, this was the most uplifting, enlightening, enjoyable, and motivational of all your guests
This is wonderful Jeff. I feel he has so much more to teach us. Please have him on again.
I liked the tone of his voice. Sounded familiar in some unexplained way. Hope to explore and listen to this again and see if I can…. learn from him. He does sound like a Teacher.
Loved this Mahesi, well done! Your interpretation of Dukkha as "Un-Love" and exquisite descriptions of the meditative experience blew my mind. Very inspiring and insightful!
I slipped into mental silence and really focused on his story. A very inspiring speech. I feel like meditating now so I shall
For some reason I understood everything he said. What a calm beautiful soul. A wealth of knowledge in this interview. Thank you
I think this is the most interesting and very informative podcast ever. Very encouraging for people who are tentative about following the path of spirituality. Jesus said "My path is narrow and difficult", but l'm glad that there are people who can guide us and make it easy.
Wow I loved this one. I mean I like any guest who is not a fraud. You've got yourself a pretty good podcast Jeff
Loved him and his insight, glued to the screen!
Fascinating! I'll definitely be watching this another time or two. Deepest gratitude Mahesi Caplan and Jeff for this intriguing interview
This is a very helpful talk,, he makes a lot of great points/reminders that really help a practice of meditation
Excellent! Thank you. Learned so much tonight. Very interesting and helpful. Maybe Mahesi will come back and teach us more. Love really is the key to life!
Thank u so much Mahesi and Jeff . Such inspiring truths here ! Gold
This was super interesting, and I anticipate listening to this again many times. Thank you!!
I have watched quite a few of your videos regarding NDE's since I discovered your channel a few months ago. I really appreciate your work. I must say that this one seems tailor made for me!
Mahesi that was brilliant! Well done.
I’m gonna have to watch this again…. I love this guy and feel like I might have missed some stuff. Thanks Jess for bringing this guest on!
Thank you. What a great talk. So much helpful information. Great teacher.
Well. I’m going to listen to this one over and over. Thank you.
I loved this one Jeff. I’m going to go to his website and check it out. Thank you
Thank you so much for sharing your story I absolutely LOVED it!!
Amazing wisdom for this former Monk.
Now I can relates to my own experiences, in which I could not get any answer for. Thank you
Wonderful interview. I grew up Buddhist and always wondered what is the teaching of Buddhism.
Amazing interview. I would love to hear more, can you bring him back?
I loved what this guest spoke of. Thank you for bringing him on!
Incredible guest
“The Misunderstood Life is Suffering—misinterpreting the meaning of what happens.” Yes! So well put. I listen also to Eckhart Tolle as well to help guide me in being in the moment and learning to stop overthinking. Because we tend to do this, we often cause the greatest amount of our own suffering (not all, but most). Thank you for having this wonderful guest! I am only through 11:30 minutes, but felt compelled to share
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