Supporting your Mental health online

I am available to support you if you feel we might be a good fit. I am probably best suited to "spiritual" dimension of your life if that's active for you. Many of us are experiencing so - called spiritual emergencies and I have some experience with this.

A spiritual emergency is a sudden disruption or crisis that challenges the understanding of your place in the world and in the universe. There can be an unfamiliar intensification of your life-force that pushes you to the edge, and it can leave you disorientated and afraid.

If you send me a message and book a time to call back, I will let you know if I can do it.

How it works
Book a time for a call back
First 20 mins check in with each other is free.
Further calls are charged according to you means
Payment is made before hand via Paypal
Find out more about how I work

A variable scale based on your circumstances

Most of my life I have offered counselling for free. To stay viable, I am unfortunately now having to ask for payments according to your means.

There is a free 20-min check in call for a mutual check in. If you go on to book a call, please ensure you pay before the call begins, whatever amount your circumstances allow.
To make contact use the form top right
Online Meeting
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