A Contemplative Approach To Improving Your Mental Health

If you're looking to push beyond the boundaries of conventional therapy in your quest for sanity and wish to better understand your actual position in this vast universe... lets talk.  
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Mahes Caplan

Hi, I Am Mahesi & Work as a Contemplative Counsellor

I am not your conventional therapist, I am more of a trained contemplative teacher who has ventured quite far into the human soul. There are no conventional qualifications for the sort of places I have explored.

I have spent time with some great Buddhist masters, and it has been the infusion of their luminous spirit that has been my principle teacher.

I have trained as a Buddhist contemplative in the Theravada Forest Tradition for over 15 years, and I've been teaching contemplative practices and offering contemplative counsel for over 30.

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"No one and nothing can free you but your own understanding." Ajahn Chah

let's talk one to one

Many people are experiencing a lot of anxiety and as culture we're going through rapid changes. In the main, we have lost touch with our spiritual roots, losing the stillness and security being grounded in our true nature brings.

This still ground of our human beingness gives us the resilience, stability and basic sanity to navigate our life more wholeheartedly and courageously.

Any sanity I have in my life was transmitted to me through relationship. It comes about through the exchange that happens when the lineage of a great tradition spills over from one soul into the soul of another. This is the way of an oral tradition I can share.
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While I still teach at a Buddhist centre, I am also interested in meeting people outside a traditional setting. I would be happy to run an online class, or attend an informal meetup with friends at the beach, at a dinner party or even in a pub. Wherever it feels comfortable to meet and share notes on life.

I generally give an introductory talk of around 20 mins to set the tone and help us all tune into to a similar channel.

If asked for, I might give a guided pointing out instruction working with the inner breath as a vehicle for exploring our body and beyond, followed on by discussion.
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A Few Unsolicited Testimonials

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