"Oh wow, Oh wow, Oh wow". Steve Jobs (last words)

Welcome: At the moment of his passing Steve Jobs last words were:

“Oh Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow”.

I was a Buddhist monk for 15 years and learnt we can see what Steve saw now.

And, coming to know our actual situation directly each one for ourselves is really a universal imperative. If we ignore it, the road of distraction becomes increasingly dark. I have been there.

In the end, connecting with the totality of our potential is a gift to ourselves, our friends and family, but also at this critical point in history,  Mother Earth herself.


This site is dedicated to enabling that seeing to happen for us all sooner than later, through the cultivation of contemplative insight.

You alone are the experiencer of your life and with support you can grow ever more enriched through direct seeing of your own depths. So even death is no longer feared.

If we cultivate the garden of unified body/mind, we can be free from the tyranny of ceaselessly moving mind. The anxiety of personal isolation will gently release as we fall into a heartfelt trust of the unbound and intimate nature of the whole.

You can know this directly, free from all ideologies. This is, in fact, how our life potential is finally fulfilled.

"No one and nothing can free you but your own understanding." Ajahn Chah