“The heart is the only book worth reading.” 

Ajahn Chah

This is a selection of short talks that address some of the questions people commonly have. They are all all perfectly imperfect in that they in no way attempt to be complete answers.

In fact the idea of giving answers does us all a disservice in some ways. It is not as if what “I know” is concrete fact to be debated or accepted.

It is for you to know for yourself and not for me to tell you. 

These short reflections are simply demonstrations of contemplative intelligence in action to the best of my abilities. The sole reason for this site existence is to help you deploy your own contemplative resources.

Answers are fleeting but right view and relationship to the flow of life is a forever source of renewed seeing.

They’re in no particular order and can be listened to as you choose.

"All healing comes through an encounter with the numinous"

(the sacred) Carl Jung
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